Building brands that leave an impression

We take branding very seriously, enabling us to build brands that are impossible to forget and that customers cannot help but love.

Your Brand isn’t Just Your Logo

Your brand is how your customers perceive your company and talk about it to others when you are not around. It is a sum of experiences that a customer has with your company. Take a look at everything our branding guide includes

Color Palette

There is a lot of research that ties emotions to different colors. We use that research and everything we have learned from you about your brand to pick a color palette that accurately reflects your brand.


Fonts depict your brand’s style and personality. We conduct our research and look for fonts that we can match with your brand’s traits. We also design custom fonts if needed.


We design meaningful logos that stand out, are instantly recognizable, and are easily readable. We provide you with the logo in multiple formats, from app icons to billboards.

Icons & Patterns

You can easily overlook these sometimes, but they can be significant in helping your brand stand out. We carefully craft exclusive icons and patterns for your brand that you can use across your social handles, brand collaterals, website, etc.

Voice & Tone

It is vital that your brand conveys your message to the customers how you want it. Your brand guide also contains a set of communication guidelines.


We also design mockups of business cards, letterhead, social media profile pictures, cover pictures, etc., to show you how the colors, fonts, and logo would look together in the real world.

Image Usage

The brand guide also includes rules on how to use images and illustrations that best represent your brand.

Do’s & Don’ts

The brand guide also includes a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure that you use your logo, fonts, color, images, icons & patterns efficiently and correctly.

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Branding That Clearly Communicates With Your Customers

More than 250 clients have seen exceptional results from organic search after signing up with us. This did not happen by accident. Check out our process that helps us deliver these amazing results.

Research And Strategy

We start with a round of questions about the purpose of your business, target audience, competitors, tone of your communication, values, beliefs, style & personality, etc. We listen carefully and take notes.

Once we clearly understand who you are and how you want to be seen in your industry, we move on to the next steps. First, we look at what others in your space are doing, then at the latest trends and draw inspiration from that. Finally, we set up a mood board and start working on some concepts.

Brand Identity

We choose fonts that match your brand’s personality and industry, colors that convey the right emotions, and design icons and textures that suit your brand. We also work on multiple logo options for you.

We then set up a call with you to go through everything together and clearly explain our approach and how we came to the final options. Finally, we take your feedback and make any changes that might be needed.


Once we finalize your brand identity, we prepare the guide showing you exactly how to implement your brand in the real world.

The guide includes the rules for using your logo, colors, fonts, images, icons, and textures. It also has multiple mockups of your brand being implemented on social media posts, billboards, business cards, letterheads, etc. It has everything you need to get started.

Branding Right The First Time

When getting started, you may be tempted to use a free or inexpensive logo, which might seem like a great choice at the time. It is cheap, and let’s face it, sometimes it does look okay. So you tell yourself that you will focus on branding later, but this is a phase we recommend you avoid.

Nobody gets a second chance at first impressions. Also, if you change your logo, colors, font, etc. often, it makes you look inconsistent and hurts your customer loyalty and brand recognition. So our branding experts make sure you get your branding right the first time.

Designs that Speak for Themselves

We’re obsessed with quality, so you can trust that everything we create is top-notch.


Here are some of the most common questions we encounter regularly.

How much does branding cost?

“Branding” can mean different things to different people. For some, it can be something as basic as getting a new logo, colors, and font. For others, it can include the company’s name, logo, tagline, colors, fonts, brand guide, brand voice, website, social media, sales & marketing collaterals like presentations, company deck, and more.

The only truthful way of answering this question is by getting on a call with you and your team. Once we understand the goals you are trying to accomplish, we can give you recommendations and a detailed proposal.

How long does the whole branding process take?

The scope of the project depends on the goals you have for your brand. A brand guide similar to the one we mentioned earlier on this page can be done within 4 weeks, including a few rounds of feedback.

If the project scope goes beyond that, it can even take a few months. It all comes down to your goals and requirements.

Will I own my branding assets?

Yes, your branding assets are entirely owned by you.

We understand that owning your assets is vital to avoid any disputes over copyright in the future. So as soon as we complete the project, we transfer all the original and vector files to you.